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Why Barley?

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Here at Bright Barley – we are all Barley mega-fans and are completely up to speed with the amazing health benefits it brings.   We are aware however that some of you might now know how amazing Barley is, so we thought we would share with you just a few of the reasons why we love it so much and why we made it the hero of our new drinks.

Our founder, Jiali  is the genius behind Bright Barley. She grew up surrounded by barley in Aba, a region of China close to Tibet. Barley has played an important part in Tibetan culture for centuries. The people there live at high altitude, which limits the types of foods that can be grown – many can’t survive.

But not barley. This ancient grain is made of stronger stuff.

When Jiali moved to the UK to study at Cambridge University she saw that barley was also locally grown in Britain but had slipped off people’s nutritional radar. It was an underused superfood hiding right under our noses.

Guzzled by the Gladiators and enjoyed by the Egyptians for its many nutritional benefits  – we wanted to bring barley back to its rightful place of glory and re-introduce it to the modern consumer.

But just why has it been so revered over 1000s of years – what is it that makes Barley such a super grain?

  • Full of fibre
  • Brilliant source of beta glucans – which are strongly linked to improving cholesterol levels and boosting heart health
  • Cutting calories – fewer calories than oats or rice
  • Great for gut health – barley’s soluble fibre content provides food for friendly gut bacteria
  • Fab for feeling full – the high fibre content leaves you feeling fuller for longer which may lead to weight loss over time
  • Super sustainable – Our barley is grown in the UK using organic farming methods. In addition, plant-based eating can be part of the solution to make our food system more sustainable. They use less natural resources such as land, water and energy compared to animal-based products.

If this hasn’t convinced you to give our Bright Barley drinks a try – I’m not sure what would!

Maybe the fact that they are low in fat, high in calcium and come in a choice of 3 delicious flavours….?


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