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How to create a tasty and healthy vegan picnic

By 16th June 2020 No Comments

We all love a good picnic, especially during National Picnic Week (22nd – 28th June) – sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying delicious food and drinks, socialising with family or friends (at a safe distance and following government guidelines mind) and spending a leisurely few hours together in the big outdoors.

Looking for plant-based healthy nibbles to pack into your picnic basket has never been easier as there are so many vegan recipes and treats available.

We love this recipe from Shaws of Huddersfield for a Vegan ‘B’ Lat (a vegan take on the classic bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich) the ‘bacon’ is made with sliced aubergine which is also an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Shaws of Huddersfield

Recipe courtesy of Shaws of Huddersfield

Then for some side dishes, how about some high-fibre antipasti type dishes like marinated artichokes, roasted chickpeas along with some olives, sundried tomatoes, then some colourful veggie crudités, multigrain breadsticks and hummus.

Berries (strawberries and raspberries), melon and bananas are all great picnic foods and are also high in fibre, plus when dipped into a vegan chocolate dip become simply irresistible.

Home-made veggie crisps are so easy to make and much healthier that a traditional bag of crisps.  Just thinly slice some parsnips, beetroots and sweet potatoes and bake in the oven drizzled with a little olive oil and seasoning for around 20 mins.

Then for that ‘something sweet’ that we all crave on a picnic these no-bake Energy Bites from BBC Good Food are packed with fibre and an excellent way to give a burst of energy for any picnic style games you are planning on playing e.g. Rounders, Frisbee etc.

No picnic is complete without a refreshing drink to keep you hydrated whilst enjoying yourselves.  Available in 3 crowd-pleasing flavours, coffee, chocolate and salted caramel, these plant-based, high fibre drinks are loved by adults and children alike.

Thanks to @elisabethjeffs for the photo

When packing-up your vegan picnic, remember to include some ice packs to keep everything cool and pack the heavy things at the bottom of your bag so that nothing gets squashed!  Then all you need is your picnic blanket and to get outdoors.