Barley Facts

Good for your health and the planet!

By 4th May 2020 No Comments

We’re Barley’s biggest fans – but we’re also big fans of our precious planet. We are super keen on promoting a more plant-based, planet-friendly lifestyle. Our mission? To make it easy (and tasty) for people to switch to sustainable, healthier alternatives.

Here are just a few reasons why our drinks are so sustainable:

• Our barley is produced by organic farming methods, which imposes very tight controls on using artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and GM crops are a no no. Crop rotation is also encouraged, which keeps the soil nice and healthy and promotes natural methods of pest control. This in turn boosts biodiversity, so the land is full of life!

• Sourced from different farms in the UK, the barley is milled by Shipton Mill who have been producing flour for almost a thousand years

• A plant-based diet can play an important part in making our food system more sustainable. Plant-based products use less natural resources such as land, water and energy compared to animal-based products. They’re more efficient, effectively taking out the middleman – or cow!

• We have chosen Tetra Pak as one of their priorities is sourcing sustainable timber. Plus Tetra Pak paperboard is a renewable material which is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™)* and other controlled sources. Tetra Pak carton packages can be recycled and transformed into a wide range of new products.

Healthy people. Healthy planet.
Let’s drink to that!